In Bulgaria in the 21st century when they diagnose you with cancer, you feel that you are doomed.
It?s not news that oncological diseases are completely curable, but the lack of modern equipment and innovative treatments draws back the public health services.
18,000 cancer patients die per year in Bulgaria – the statisticsis really disheartening. The fact is that if there were more donation campaigns and fundraisers to support cancer patients and for modernization of the health system, the numbers would have been different.
An example is the top model Iva Mehandzhiyska that managed to overcome cancer, thanks to the innovative treatment with Blue scorpion venom from Cuba and Imunofan – a medication from Russia. With the help of foundation on the subject, Iva got involved in the combat with cancer and helps other who suffer.
There are many of foundations in Bulgaria and they also need support in order to contribute to adapting treatment programs to contemporary international standards. In result, the health status of Bulgarians will improve -thinks Mr. Svetoslav Kantardzhiev, who is actively involved in fundraising campaigns for people with cancer.
It has been a long time since cancer is no longer seen as a dooming diagnosis in the West, thanks to modern technologies available to the cancer clinics, specialists and patients.
Has long been in the West do not look at cancer as a vow diagnosis, thanks to modern technology available to cancer clinics. If more wealthy people in Bulgaria decide to help health care through donation funds, the hope for cancer patients will be much greater in our country.

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