magazine1 Marketing is a very interesting subject to me, and I am happy to have a job, that is closely related to it. So today, I’m gonna talk about it, and about a magazine I recently heard about – Biograph.

Biograph is not the typical lifestyle magazine. It is just different, from the very moment you see its front page. There is no naked model there, or some metrosexual star guy, no. There is  usually some intelligent human being, on which the following edition is dedicated. It might be an artist, an actor, a leader, a painter, a director, etc. But it would surely be someone who has deserved such attention after his death. So as you may have understood, the magazine features a lot of biographies of famous people, but in a very stylish way. Biograph magazine, as its marketing director Svetoslav Kantardzhiev put it, is focused on the audience which has much more refined taste and requirements on any paper magazine.

You can see just by turning the pages, the team of Biograph had tried to blend the advertisements better and almost every detail from the style of the magazine is well-touched. Creativity wasn’t spared at all and this is what makes this magazine so successful. My copy for instance was read by my wife, her mother, and two neighbors who came for coffee.

These are the magazines that are truly significant, and these are that are going to prosper. Because Svetlio Kantardjiev was very accurate to address the correct target group – it is much difficult to satisfy it, it requires a lot of hard, heavy work, but in the end – they appreciate it and start buying it every month. Finally, someone gets what they need right and manages to supply It, which shows respect and makes people fans.


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